1988 - 1995 Land Rover, Range Rover Classic SWB Door Wood Accent Kit

1993 - 1995 Land Rover, Range Rover Classic LWB Door Wood Accent Kit

This is a Rare opportunity to purchase self-adhesive Reproduction of Door Wood Accent Kit for Range Rover Classic.

This Item is Discontinued and it is Impossible to find anywhere.

It is Perfectly Color matched and it is One to One Quality

Made in the United States

You are buying one set. One set includes 2 pieces of light or dark wood for front doors, and 2 pieces of light or dark wood for rear doors

( Please chose light or dark color,  also please measure your trim and send us exact measurements as well as please tell us if your front trim is cut straight or at 45 degree angle. ( SEND US A MESSAGE ). Colors will vary from batch to batch, because we are dealing with real wood we can not guarantee the color.)

We need the measurements to see if we have everything in stock. We need to know the physical measurements of the door trims themselves, meaning length of front & rear trims and if they have an angle at the end. There are over 10 different combinations, we have no way of knowing if you do not measure. If no measurements are provided NOTHING will be shipped.

-Thank you from Roverclassic.com

The price of each set is 135 $

Domestic Shipping is free

International shipping is 25 $
If you are interested in volume discount, send us an email 
No refunds. Exchange only with valid RMA.  Call us with any questions 732-582-9038  Letters will come without retail box.